This one is for everyone who is troubled by changing moods and hormones. If you’re experiencing pesky hot flushes, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain for no apparent reason, thinning hair, trouble sleeping, or are feeling excessively tired the answer could well lie in your hormones. The good news? Your diet can balance them out.


If your skin is playing up – you’re experiencing acne and/or other blemishes, uneven skin tone, dry, scaly patches, rosacea or excessive oil I can help. Often times your complexion is a reflection of what’s going on for you inside and it’s all rectifiable with nutrition, a little bit of a change of lifestyle and good skincare.


It takes 21 days to change a habit and 60 days to cement it in stone. If you’ve developed bad habits in your life – whether that be nutritionally or lifestyle wise or both – it’s OK. Who doesn’t at one time or another! I can bring you back to balance so you can go forth with a spring in your step and a smile on your dial. (A bit twee I know, but hey!!)

The Youology programme is designed to help you discover your most vibrant and radiant self by delivering:


Simply, a few healthy habits and a lot of support will balance out your weight and can stand you in good stead for a longer, happier life. With that said it can be difficult to break not-so-good habits especially if you never have before but trust me. If you can do so you’ll be ahead of the pack. However, there’s no sugar-coating the fact that sometimes you can go through cravings and withdrawals when you improve your diet. I can only promise you that it will totally be worth it. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. And that feeling of knowing you’re at a great weight for you? Bliss. 


You’ve heard it before but your skin is the largest organ on your body, all two square metres (on average) of it. And you know that old adage? You are what you eat. OMGosh it is soooo true. I’ve been in the beauty industry for well over 20 years but it has only been since I’ve switched to a plant-based diet that my skin has taken on a life of its own for the better! That’s not to say I’ve escaped wrinkles as I’ve aged but my skin is healthy. It may not have the glow of youth and the oodles of collagen and elastin it had when I was younger but it is, quite simply, healthy. And you can have it too!

I saw a friend a few months after I’d removed all the troublesome things from my daily fare like coffee, alcohol, sugar, and dairy  and she said ‘omgoodness‘ you’ve de-aged!’ I don’t think that was entirely accurate but it is true that getting rid of all the processed stuff does make a difference.


There are a few simple keys to finding balance – none of them is too taxing and you don’t have to resort to drugs. If you’re anything like me you prefer to steer clear of pharmaceuticals when, and if, you can. There is definitely a place for modern medicine, a lot of people wouldn’t be alive without it! However, it can be far more satisfying – and you’ll definitely feel better – if you can manage to take care of your vitality with Mother Nature’s help. Unfortunately, most pharmaceuticals have side effects and tend to make the body quite acidic when your body is at its best when it is more alkaline. Wholesome food and holistic techniques are your best friends when it comes to that.


It’s called TRANSFORM and is based on a three-month timeline with lots of hands-on assistance and accountability so you can get firmly entrenched in good habits and see lasting change. There are no fads, it’s just good, basic intel.

It’s all designed to work with you, your time, your needs and your budget. We can work online via Skype or Zoom, or if you’d rather meet one on one that’s absolutely fine too if you’re in Auckland.


  • Consult with you weekly or fortnightly with unlimited email support in between.

  • Give you lots of worksheets, recipes and handouts.

  • I can also create shopping lists and meal plans for you – let’s discuss.

I’ve also created add-ons so you can mix and match including:

  • If you’d just like a one-off consultation that’s OK. Email to work out how much time you think you’d need @
  • A hair analysis with complimentary 30-minute consultation.
  • A grocery store tour. $75
  • A pantry clean-out. $75
  • A skincare consultation. $75


  • Let’s help you lose the stubborn fat that’s been driving you nuts.

  • Let’s go find that energy that’s been eluding you.

  • Let’s beat those don’t-do-you-any-favours cravings once and for all.

  • Let’s build your love affair with good food.

  • Let’s develop your cooking skills.

  • Let’s give you a clear, glowing complexion.

  • Let’s get rid of bloating and that pregnant belly look.

  • Let’s detox.

  • Let’s dive into radiance, vitality and wellness.

  • Let’s turn you onto the incredible feeling that is healthy and gorgeous.

TRANSFORM: $250 per month


  • Check out the Youology Facebook and Instagram pages for recipes/fun and other resources.


I’m totally ready to help you!





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