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Welcome To Youology.

* Would you like to feel radiant with clear, glowing skin?

* Would you like to be happy with your weight?

* Would you like to rock life after 40?


You've come to the right place because I can help you feel and look amazing. You see, I've done the hard yards and I'm here to help you avoid any pitfalls.

Burnout, illness and unbalanced hormones crept up on me and I didn't notice. It happens to a lot of us. Our weight changes. Our health changes. Our skin changes. Our mood changes. And through it all, we struggle to understand. I've sooo been there, but now I've learned how to keep healthy and balanced. I've mastered my hormones so I'm not a crazy lady, and I've discovered what I needed to do to get my skin in the best condition it can be in for its age.

And...da da...I've packaged it all up for you so you can take control of your vitality, your health, your life, and your hormones if they're being troublesome. You'll be able to fit your jeans or that Little Black Dress (!), kick illness to the curb and be there for your family and loved ones.

There ARE a massive (huge!) amount of people suffering from toxic overload as well as a condition I call 'Undernourished & Overfed' in the 21st Century. Let's change that.

See that quote above? Some of it's from me and I'm not sure where the other part is from so it's that's you please reach out :-). Because it's so true. I know I was - I still am - one of those people so I took control.

I signed up with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City (IIN) to learn about holistic health including nutrition and the mind/body connection - I'd studied anatomy and physiology before - with some amazing people like Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, and Dr Mark Hyman. It was fantastic, inspiring and - yep! - life changing. 

I come from years in publishing as a beauty and wellbeing editor so feel free to read You Magazine. And if you want to work with me on your healthy gorgeousness we can do that. Your entire lifestyle - food, work, stress, hobbies, activity, relationships - is linked to your physicality so we need to look at the big picture. Nobody usually asks you about all of that stuff - unless you're in therapy. I'm not a therapist but I can take you on a transformational journey. And it's super fun as well as life-changing.

Let's get together

Jenna Moore

If you'd like to get in touch to see how I can help you please don't hesitate. I'd be so excited to speak with you. Connect with me on any of the links on this page or email hello@youology.co.nz

“I worked with Jenna for three months and was amazed at the results I got. I gave up drinking alcohol and eating sugar and, not only did I fit the jeans I hadn’t been able to for a few years I felt incredible. I have received so many comments about how great my skin looks. This is my new way of being. Nothing is worth giving this feeling up!”  – Alicia