Jenna Moore


I’m Jenna, and I’m so glad you’re here. This is actually my third foray into the world of online. I come from a 20-year background as a magazine beauty and wellbeing editor. I’ve worked with Next magazine, Notebook:, Women’s Health, Style, Fitness Life and New Idea. I also co-authored of a book back in 2005 called In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well with the beautiful naturopath Lani Lopez.


So, how did we end up here? Well, I’ve always been passionate about women’s health and helping women to figure out the why’s and wherefore’s of life. The science of beauty is my career roots so you’ll always find the study of skin health in anything I do. However, I’ve always known there’s another side to life as I had two sisters who died of Cystic Fibrosis disease and I’ve struggled with an emotional rollercoaster and overactive hormones all my life. In recent times I’ve learned that living long-term with those who have a terminal illness can lead to a condition known as chronic sorrow. When I discovered that it was like a lightbulb moment – it made so much sense. And it was more wisdom to bring to you guys.


I left magazines at the end of 2011 and created Gorgeousosity, which was a popular lifestyle website. On advice, I reluctantly re-branded to Gems of Gorgeousness, So much work goes into that, anyway I developed burnout. Then in 2013, I began experiencing anxiety, dizzy spells, fatigue, depression, weight loss, and sleeplessness before being diagnosed with severe pulmonary emboli (multiple lung clots). I was told later it was estimated the clots would have closed over and cut off the oxygen/blood supply to my heart within 24 hours of my being admitted to hospital. Eek! It was the beginning of many hospital visits, oodles of CT scans, collapsed lungs and daily blood tests. It culminated in debilitating pain which at my worst stopped me walking. I couldn’t even bear the weight of bedclothes on me it was so painful. Can you imagine that?!  I’m not telling you this to enlist your sympathy (perish the thought!), I just wanted you to know that I’ve been there, bought the t-shirt and can transfer lessons learned to you.


The experience led me to study holistic health with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I’m a lifelong learner and the impetus was to broaden my knowledge, try to cure myself through nutrition and answer the ‘why’s’ of my experience. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve learned that everyone is a bio-individual and what is one person’s cure-all is another person’s poison. I firmly believe food is Mother Nature’s medicine and I’m totally with Hippocrates who said ‘Let food be thy medicine’. I’m not 100% cured yet, but I’ve come a long way and I’m totally excited because I have discovered so much I can share. 


Food-wise, I’ve always been semi-vegetarian, but after one lecture we had with Sir Paul McCartney I knew I would never touch meat again. That doesn’t mean you have to go that route, but it’s what works for me. I gave up grains for a while too which was magic for my pain, but it’s difficult sustaining it. And I know if I have coffee, wine, sugar or processed foods I’m going to pay for it! It’s not just a fad, it’s totally true that our 21st Century diets are destructive, but I also know that never having mainstay treats again is tricky though it gets much easier. I used to believe in the 80/20 rule, which I’ve altered a little to the 90/10 rule (90% follow the rules/10% rebel). However, the longer someone follows a healthier way of life the less likely we are to be tempted. Food is so much more than calories.


These days I’m a beauty aficionado (that knowledge will always be there) and an Integrative Nutrition Certified Nutrition Health Coach (proud moment). My ethos is plant-based with an onus on helping women in midlife. If you’ve got weight issues, an autoimmune disease, are struggling with stress (who doesn’t right?!) or unhappiness I can help you!


I created Youology to help YOU with your health both physical and emotional so you can look and feel amazingly vital and absolutely, totally fabulous. 

Now that you know my story you’ll ‘get’ that if you have issues with emotional eating or need help balancing those pesky mid-life hormones, I’m your woman. Fact. Mid-life does not have to mean weight gain. It also doesn’t have to mean skin problems or the blues from a hormonal rollercoaster. When we work together I’m here for you right through your journey. You can always reach me on Skype, via email or in person. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

I will work with you to: 

  • Find your inner sparkle
  • Discover the magic of food that loves you
  • Develop oodles of energy
  • Fit back into the clothes you’re dying to wear
  • Embrace mid-life
  • Balance your hormones



Did you ever stop to think that we are what we eat and drink and do and think and feel? Each and every one these things make up who we are and contributes to the outcome of our lives – whether we’re happy, whether we’re well, whether we’re surrounded by love and laughter. .



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